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We work with private industry, government agencies and individual property owners to investigate and assess Aboriginal and European heritage and develop strategic heritage plans.

For the past twenty years our team has worked on a diverse range of Aboriginal and European heritage projects around Sydney, the Illawarra, Central Coast and Hunter Valley and across NSW. Our approach is to maximise certainty for all parties in development related investigations by combining thorough research and a comprehensive understanding of legislation and policy, and considering Aboriginal community perspectives.  

We will take the time to understand the particular requirements of your project in order to advise on the best approach. Our Due Diligence Aboriginal heritage assessments and European heritage impact assessments provide initial, sound advice for planning purposes for any sized project or area.


Should further investigation be required, we are experienced in the recording, excavation, analysis and assessment of all of the various types of archaeological sites. We can prepare Aboriginal and European Heritage Management Plans to guide the investigation and protection of heritage sites, or Heritage Assessment reports in support of permit applications where impacts cannot be avoided.

In all of these endeavours, we aim to work respectfully with Aboriginal people who are connected culturally and historically to the areas under investigation..

We are also experienced in undertaking local government Aboriginal heritage planning studies, seeking to implement better Aboriginal heritage protections at a local level, and we offer strategic heritage planning advice to both local and state governments.

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