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Past Projects

Our history and heritage work takes us to many places to complete a diverse range of projects. Here are some current and recent examples

Heritage at Kamay Botany Bay National Park  

​Since 2018 we have completed a number of Aboriginal and European heritage projects within the Kurnell side of the park. The work has included an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment of the nationally significant Meeting Place Precinct to inform Master Plan works, and several assessments of specific projects, including Aboriginal and historical archaeological monitoring of recent restoration and repair works at the heritage listed Alpha House.  


Monitoring trenches in a highly sensitive landscape around Alpha House for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage

Sydstories image 2.JPG

[Reproduced with permission of Lightwell]

'Sydstories' Website Aboriginal history 

In 2019 we worked with Lightwell and the Gujaga Foundation to research Aboriginal history content for the Sydney Airport centenary Sydstories website, which was launched in 2020. We developed interactive content about key archaeological sites around Kamay (Botany Bay) as well as some of the Aboriginal people who continued to live around the bay in the nineteenth century.

Woollahra Aboriginal Heritage Study 

In 2021 we completed an Aboriginal heritage planning study for Woollahra Municipal Council, working closely with the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council. The study won the 2022 National Trust Award for Aboriginal Heritage. It investigated Aboriginal heritage around the local government area and developed a strategy for protecting these places. As part of the study we also delivered public talks to raise awareness of Aboriginal heritage. 

We are also currently undertaking an Aboriginal Heritage Study for Hornsby Shire Council.


Paul Irish briefing participants before surveying the harbour shore for Aboriginal sites with the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council on vessels operated by the La Perouse community based Gamay Rangers

[Photos courtesy Woollahra Municipal Council]

PB180061 cropped silcret artefact.jpg

Senior sites officer, Darren Duncan from Gandangara Local Aboriginal Land inspecting exposed ground for artefacts at King Park, and a red silcrete stone artefact found eroding from a  water detention basin there.

Fairfield Water Catchment Upgrades

We are working with the Gandangara and Deerubbin Local Aboriginal Land Councils to investigate potential Aboriginal heritage along creek corridors and water detention basins that criss-cross Fairfield and surrounding suburbs. Fairfield City Council wants to ensure that proposed upgrade works to rehabilitate the creeks and upgrade water catchments within these areas do not unnecessarily impact on Aboriginal culture and heritage. 

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