Our People

Julia is a passionate heritage consultant and archaeologist with over six years’ experience in Aboriginal and historical cultural management. Julia has worked across NSW, with a particular focus on Sydney and the Northern Rivers region. She has also excavated over three seasons an early iron age settlement in Zagora, Greece. Julia began her career as a field archaeologist where she was able to hone her high-level fieldwork skills. Julia has extensive experience in supervising archaeological excavations ranging in size from small scale projects to large scale infrastructure sites. She has worked on projects for a range of clients from private developers to the state government for sites of local and state significance. She manages projects from the initial preparation of fee proposal through to permit application, fieldwork and authoring reports. Julia authors Aboriginal heritage due diligence assessments, technical reports, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Reports, Statements of Heritage Impact and Archaeological Research Designs. Julia is committed to providing positive heritage solutions for complex projects while adhering to legislative requirements and advocating for clients and stakeholders. Julia is passionate about working in partnership with Aboriginal communities.


Julia McLachlan

Heritage Consultant